Ohio Homebuyer Plus Savings Account

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In conjunction with the Ohio Treasurer’s office, First National Bank is pleased to offer Ohio Homebuyer Plus to our customers.  Ohio Homebuyer Plus makes specialized, tax-advantaged savings accounts available to Ohioans to assist them on their homebuying journey. Individuals who open an account through this program will have access to above-market interest rates that will help them to save and grow their money faster.

Ohio Homebuyer Plus Account Highlights:

  •     Earn above-market interest:  Call your local branch for specifics!
  •     $100 minimum to deposit to open account
  •     $100,000 maximum balance limit
  •     Account must be used within five years.
  •     Balance must be used to fund a down payment or mortgage closing costs.

Ohio Homebuyer Plus Requirements

  •     Ohio Resident:  Participants must have their current primary residence located in the state of Ohio.
  •     Minimum Age:  Participants must be at least 18 years of age.
  •     Use of Funds:  Account proceeds must be used for the downpayment or closing costs of a home purchased in Ohio, with the home becoming the new primary residence of the participant.
  •     Agree to Terms:  Participants must review and agree to the terms of the program before the account is opened which can be found here:               https://tos.ohio.gov/files/Pdfs/HomebuyerPlusParticipation.pdf


*To learn more about Ohio Homebuyer Plus visithttps://tos.ohio.gov/homebuyerplus


*APY-Annual Percentage Yield.  This is a variable rate account.  Rates are subject to change after account opening.  $100 minimum to deposit to open account.  Maximum contribution limit is $100,000.  Account duration is limited to 5 years.