home banker

Home Banker

Automated Telephone Services 24/7

What is Home Banker

Home banker is an automated customer telephone service. You can call HOME BANKER, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for information about your checking and savings accounts, your loan accounts, interest rates and more.

And best of all, using HOME BANKER, is FREE!

How can I use it?

All you need to use HOME BANKER, is an account at First National Bank and a "touch-tone" phone. You can call 1-800-328-3623 at any time.

How can Home Banker help me?

Have you ever had to call the bank with these questions?

  • What's my balance?
  • Is check number XXX in yet?
  • What transactions posted to my account?
  • What's the payoff on my loan?

These are just a few examples of the many ways HOME BANKER can help you save time when you keep track or your accounts.

Can I still talk to a real person?

Of course! But when you need basic account information you won't have to worry about whether the bank is open.

With HOME BANKER you can:

  • Get an account balance
  • Find out how much a check was written for by giving the check number
  • See if a certain check has cleared
  • Get a current interest rate on a deposit or loan account
  • See how much interest you've paid on your loan